5 Eylül 2009

New Artwork For The "Celebration" US Vinyl

Warners have updated their listings for the 12'' Vinyl Maxi of "Celebration" coming out in the US next month, revealing that quite surprisingly a new, totally different artwork will be used on the cover of the American 12".

The new artwork features a different technique that the Madonna fans probably remember as Mr. Brainwash already used it in another composition related to the Queen of Pop - with an image from the MTV "kiss" with Britney back in 2003. No need to say, of course, the timeless Madonna photograph by Steven Meisel Mr. Brainwash used for the new artwork comes from. The 12" Maxi Single for "Celebration" is set to be released on October 6 with a 7 track listing

Source: MadonnaTribe

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